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Habitudes®: Leadership Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Habitudes by Tim Elmore combines images, relatable stories, and experiences into leadership development curriculum and lesson plans that resonate with today’s young adults, equipping them to navigate through life’s challenges and opportunities.

Snapchat, Instagram, Emojis... this is how today's young adults communicate-through images. What if there was a simple way to leverage their language to equip them with the leadership and life skills they need to succeed in school and life?

That's why we created Habitudes. Grounded in established research, Habitudes is an image-based leadership development curriculum that empowers educators, coaches, parents and adult leaders to prepare any student to become a leader. Using stories, images and experiences, Habitudes teaches young adults valuable perspectives and leadership habits, helping them:

  • Take initiative and set the pace for other team members.
  • Overcome complex problems through creative persistence.
  • Capitalize on personal strengths to be career-ready upon graduation.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that produce better life choices.


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