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Applying the Latest Research to
Cultivate Resilience for Your Students

The challenges are mounting. Parents are angry. Teachers are tired. Students are divested, and COVID-19 is still roaring. In times of stress and upheaval, even the best leaders and struggle to know how to maintain passion and excellence in the classroom. With no obvious end in sight to the challenges we face, the question before today's leaders is not "how do we survive this challenge?" but rather, "how do we thrive in the midst of this challenge?" This is what "The Comeback Classroom" is all about. In his latest eBook, Dr. Tim Elmore explains how teachers, leaders, and students can learn from timeless principles of thriving in the midst of challenge.

While reading this brand new eBook, you will:

  • Learn best practices of teachers who are thriving.
  • Explore the difference between stress and pressure, and how to leverage it.
  • Attain practical tools you can use to start the "comeback" conversation with your students.
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